Great Big Taste Awards

Sip. Sample. Vote.

The Great Big Taste Awards are our version of the People’s Choice Awards, but without the red carpet and way fewer speeches. Vote for your favourite sips and samples after the Festival and we’ll crown the winners in two food categories and 14 beverage categories.

2018 Edmonton Beverage Winners

It’s like picking your favourite child – it isn’t always easy. But Festival attendees stepped up to the challenge and voted for their favourite wines, beers, spirits and other beverages from the 2018 Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival. And the winners are…

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2018 Edmonton Food Winners

The competition was fierce in 2018, and while we wish everyone could be a winner, that’s not how this thing works. Drum roll please…ladies and gents, the sweet and savoury food winners of the 2018 Edmonton Festival!

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Award Categories

Vote for your favourite flavours after the Festival in the following categories, and never let a bad food or drink decision happen again.


Best Savoury

Best Sweet


Best Sparkling Wine

Best White

Best Red

Best RosÉ

Best Other Wine


Best Beer

Best Spirit

Best Other Adult Beverage

Past Winners

The Great Big Taste Awards Hall of Fame – remembering the great samples of the past.