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Not All Superheroes Wear Capes...

…some carry wine glasses. Meet the squad that brings Alberta’s biggest wine and food festival to life.


Public Relations & Event Coordinator

Alicia doesn’t hide the fact that she has a sweet tooth– she is obsessed with all things chocolate and is known for having cookies and doughnuts delivered to the office on a daily basis. We’re not kidding. She’s on a first name basis with the delivery guy.


Festival Director

Nothing like a little adventure to work up an appetite for this multi-tasking mom. Cathy once snowshoed up a mountain in Switzerland, to indulge in fondue and Swiss white wines. Sign us up!


Event Coordinator

“Chase your dreams and the ice cream truck” are Dakota’s words to live by. But in all seriousness, there have been several times Dakota has considered seeking out a 6-Step Program for her ice cream obsession.


Marketing & Human Resources Manager

If good food is the key to happiness, this gal has unlocked the secret. Daytanya once dined at two Michelin-starred restaurants in one day, and buys a Michelin Guide before any of her travels to map out her food adventures!


Marketing Coordinator – Events & Retail

Emma knows that wine + popcorn + PJ’s + a classic rom com = the perfect night in. She’s worked on perfecting this equation for years. We’re all taking notes, because this is math we can definitely get behind.


Food Exhibitor Coordinator

Erica has tasted over 150 different kinds of tequila and mezcal – not all in one night though (at least, we hope). She’s also an avid traveller, but only really travels to eat – Erica’s more likely to remember the local cuisine than any museum or monument she’s visited.


Senior Event Coordinator

Janelle’s passport is a recipe for an appetizing adventure. She’s explored wine in Tuscany, the Okanagan, Oregon and Napa Valley; rum in Central America; and Scotch while touring Scotland. She can also say “cheers” in 8 languages – which is mostly unhelpful when travelling, to be honest.


Food Exhibitor Coordinator

Ironically, as a food coordinator for the Festival, Katie is not really a magician in the kitchen. Her go-to home-cooked meal is a grilled cheese, which she loves to pair with a nice Pinot Noir because, hey, she’s still sophisticated.


Project Management & Event Operations Manager

Liz is super smart – she’s discovered that you can go to school and just taste wine all day! Liz is equipped with her WSET Level 1 & 2 and often travels for taste – checking out exciting wine and beer regions, and food scenes. She’s currently obsessed with Riesling; always obsessed with Pinot.


Senior Marketing & Event Coordinator

Maria’s life essentials include sweet treats and wines. She snacks like it’s part of her job, and you can often find her on hunt for chocolate every day around 2:00pm. She keeps her friends close and her snacks even closer.



If Mike could put passion into words, it would be “50 year old Tawny Port & Blue Cheese” – and that’s one combo he will not share. We think he can keep it, although we’d like to taste the Port…


Beverage Exhibitor Coordinator

Michelle can often be found wandering where the drinks are stronger than the Wi-Fi signal. She’s travelled to a bunch of far-out places, fueling up on authentic cuisine along the way. Ask her to share her recipe for Tongba – a traditional Nepalese drink – if you’re up for your own adventure.


Senior Event Coordinator

Nicole is a super-mom who loves to run (with wine) and do yoga (with wine). Her favourite snack is truffle butter popcorn (with wine). Or really, any popcorn, any time, with anything (as long as it’s served after the toddler goes to bed, so she doesn’t have to share).


Event Coordinator & Project Management Assistant

Sarah is the office peanut butter fanatic. She has 3 jars at her desk at all times, and they are NOT for sharing. She recently discovered her new favourite pairing of Rosé and peanut butter, which tastes just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, in case you were wondering.


Event Operations & Special Projects Manager

Don’t mez(cal) with anyone that enjoys a drink with worms in it! Our resident Dad-Joke generator, Stacia, loves a good food and drink pairing. Her favourite? Fish tacos with a smoky mezcal.


Event & Office Assistant

Originally from the UK, Steve has traveled all over the world before settling in Canada and joining us at the Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival. He brings a unique (not to mention, male) perspective to the team!